31 October, 2004

Billionaires Buying Election for Kerry

From Newsmax and the Wall Street Journal

Billionaires Brag of Buying Election
Will a mere four Democrat fat cats succeed in their blatant scheme to buy the presidential election for John Kerry? Could be.

Angry white males George Soros, Norman Lear, Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance and Stephen Bing of Hollywood "have spent more than $50 million to register new voters and defeat President Bush. They are the X factor in this year's election: A Few Rich Men, making common cause with young people, in hopes of changing the dynamics of the American electorate," the Wall Street Journal reports. "They just might succeed."

Ever wonder why the self-styled messiah Soros and his globalist ilk were so eager to promote John McCain's disastrous scheme for campaign finance "reform"? They knew they could muzzle other voices while spreading their own propaganda more successfully than ever before.

While the "anti-capitalism capitalists" and the increasingly violent
thugs of Big Labor have mobilized against the president, the Journal notes, "It is one of the great ironies of Election 2004. Mr. Bush's opponents attack him daily for being the tool of big business. But big business is hardly heard."

The primary reason: Even as Bush-hating 527 groups spend tens of
millions of dollars for Kerry, businesses may no longer make soft-money contributions. Compounding this: Execs' fear of trial lawyers prevents them from funding their own 527s, whose very existence they deem dubious. Lear indicated to the Journal that if Bush manages to get re-elected despite all the money the filthy-rich left lavished on Kerry, a lot of American radicals would move to New Zealand.

Norman, is that a promise?

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