28 October, 2004

Iraqi Intelligence Documents Reveal Ties to Al-Queda and More

CNSNews.com Publishes Iraqi Intelligence Docs -- 10/11/2004

Unlike CBS and Dan Rather, CNSNews.com has had these documents authenticated by two separtate experts. Individually and apart from each other. Why doesn't CBS run with this story? Why does CBS want to run a story that is 1 1/2 years old (the "missing" weapons of Al-Qaqaa)? You can figure that one out for yourself. But don't overlook these documents. The funny thing is, the left believes that CBS's documents about W's Natinal Guard service, even if they were faked, were a justifiable forgery because the memos were "reflecting" what "everyone knows is true" That is, they were fake but "accurate". One's head spins just typing crap like that. Now we have these documents, which have been independently verified, and prove Iraq's ties to Al-Queda and other terrorist organizations AND Hussein's procurement of WMD (Anthrax and Mustard Gas). Yet CBS nor anyone else in the main stream media wont touch these because these don't reflect their view of the world.
There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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Anonymous said...

Your last line succinctly says it all. They're like the Jim Jones Koolaid drinkers, they know it's wrong yet they blindly swallow the stuff anyway.
Jack @ http://www.conservative-insurgent.blog-city.com/