26 October, 2004

Iraqi Weapons Cache: Gone When We Got There

Although it sounds like one of Homer Simpson's rules of life "It was like that when I got here." The NBCNews crew, embedded with the US troops tasked with securing the weapons site at Al-Qaqaa back in April 2003, reported that the weapons were already missing, and that was one day after the liberation of Iraq.

Since it would take about 40 big trucks to move 380 tons of conventional weapons, one would have to figure our boys in the sky would have had a field day with a convoy of 40 Iraqi trucks rolling down the highway. Clearly the weapons cache the Democrats are now screaming about was gone long before we got to town. Unless Kerry now thinks we should have invaded sooner so that we might have been able to secure the weapons at the Al-Qaqaa site. (I swear that's the name of the place)

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