12 October, 2004

Near Future Headlines

Maybe, the only way we can ever build a stable Iraq and spread democracy into Syria and Iran is with Kerry as President. In order for us to succeed, the terrorists, and those who would consider terrorism a possible career choice, need to see that America is winning, That democracy is growing daily, that schools are opening across Iraq, that clean drinking water is being provided to the entire country, that demonizing America is a losing fight. With Kerry as President, the press would immediately began telling us how suddenly upbeat the Iraqis are. Kerry can tell us in a NY Times piece how the elections he pushed for have been a huge success. Without the beating America takes in its own press daily, the terrorists have no chance. Maybe Kerry is our only hope. Or maybe we just need more blogs and fewer frogs.

Submitted, from the near future, for your approval; Headlines we will see if Kerry wins.

Kerry Lauds Iraqi Elections
“Proof Positive” of his successful foreign policy.
“Kerry has accomplished more in his first 4 days in office than “shrub” did in last four years”, cheers James Carville, new anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Kerry Praises Iraqi Security Forces
U.S. officials praised Iraqi Army and Iraqi National Guard units, saying they demonstrated both combat and support capabilities during the capture of Samara.
The officials cited in particular Iraqi support operations, counter-insurgency raids and intelligence missions in the city, located north of Baghdad. In all, they said, about 2,000 Iraqi troops were sent to Samara.

Clinton Cheers Syrian Accord
“Evidence of Kerry’s continuing success in rebuilding Iraq”, US Ambassador tells world body.
Last week, Iraq, Syria and the United States agreed to cooperate on border security and intelligence sharing.
"They [Syria] have used their border with Iraq to facilitate terrorists moving back and forth, money moving back and forth, and they've been unhelpful," Clinton said. "There have been meetings lately, and whether they'll change their way and be more helpful prospectively, time will tell. But I'd like to see it. John Kerry's succesful diplomacy is paying huge dividends" (too bad the dividends are now taxable again) Clinton also said that he would like to see Hillary and Linda Tripp fighting in jello, for a Big Mac.

Kerry Keeps The World Focused on Iraq Successes
President's leadership key in building a "new and hopeful" Iraq
Some 12 million people are being served by new projects across Iraq. A poor area of Baghdad with nearly 1 million people is now getting water from a rehabilitated water treatment plant. Some 30-40 percent of the marshlands deliberately drained by Saddam Hussein in his genocidal campaign against the marsh Arabs have been reflooded. A program last year cleared more than 17,000 kilometers of Iraqi waterways to improve water flow and irrigation. Another program is set to clear some 20,000 kilometers and employ around 100,000 Iraqis.

How can we be sure these things will come true? Well, because they already have, or in the case of the Iraqi elections, are scheduled to occur. The MSM is just a little slow, as usual, to bring us any report of Bush succeeding at anything. They are too busy faking documents trying to bring down W. to bother with what's going on around them.

here's the links to the stories to back up what's going on today in Iraq. Don't wait for months before Rather gets it right. Read today's news today. Wow, what a country.





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I believe your on to something, it's so true. Our own Anarchist media is our worst enemy.
Jack @ http://www.conservative-insurgent.blog-city.com/