19 October, 2004

Time for a little levity

Spend a few minutes with football fans for truth. They will birghten your day. I know that how a man throws a ball should make no difference in the voting process, but it's the fact that Kerry just can't stop making stuff up that should worry us.

He says his favorite Bosox player was Eddie Yost, who coincidentally, never played for Boston. Yost did coach there from 77 to 84 so maybe we could give poor John (it's odd just to type those two words together) partial credit. But then JFKerry goes on to talk about that "Manny Ortiz", obviously genetically blending Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz into one fantastic baseball player. When Kerry mentioned Manny Ortiz, Steinbrenner reportedly bolted out of his office, calzone in hand, demanding "who the hell is Manny Ortiz and why doesn't he play for the Yankees."

Further along on Kerry's sports miscues we find he schedules a first pitch photo op in the Yankess/RedSox series at Fenway back during the regular season. He throws, not from the mound, but out in front on the grass. He still bounces the throw to the plate, then blames the catcher, who was a national guardsman. Kerry says he held back because the guardsman was nervous. Guess gunfire and mortar shells are one thing, but that Kerry fastball is just too hot to handle. Keep in mind back in the beginning of this campaign, that Kerry fell while snowboarding, and then blamed the secret service agent who was guarding him. Even reportedly calling the man, sworn to give his life for Kerry, a son of a bitch.

Again, I realize that all this sports stuff shouldn't really matter, but in a way it does. Clearly John will not stand up and say, "hey, I fell down, happens to all of us". He is either so sure of himself that he believes he can say anything and get away with it or he gets so nervous when talking to common folk that he cheers Ohio State football while campaigning in Michigan (oops--yea, big oops).
Maybe we should cut Kerry some slack though, at least he didn't trade Sammy Sosa.

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