05 November, 2004

Daddy's Dying, Who's Got the Will?

Arafat is near death. Some reports have the grand-father of terrorism brain dead at this minute. The problem is, what happened to all the PLO money? Congressional investigations have shown that Yasser has for years been diverting international donations to the PLO into his own pockets. The dilemma is, no one knows how to access the money from his Swiss bank accounts. So in life, Yasser Arafat lead his people through a miserable existence and delivered them into a more miserable existence. In death, he leaves them penniless and even more dependent on others for their daily bread. That's a tough break, you supported him with your own children's lives and he goes and dies without sharing his ATM code.

Note to Palestinians, you tried the fatwahs and insurgency for decades; take a look around, how'd they work for you? Do you want to have another terrorist lead you and your people through more misery? Face it, you can not drive the Jews into the sea. Your neighbors tried that several times; how'd that turn out? There is an Israel, get over it. Hey don't get pissy with us though, Israel was the U.N.'s baby. Sure we support the hell out of them, but then again, they don't try to blow us up. So that makes them ok in our book. Oh wait, that was the Jews on 9-11, right? Yea, I see we're right back where you started from which is where you've always been. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

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