05 November, 2004

Millions of "Idiots"

Now that I have been enlightened as to the extent of my idiocy, I have decided to find comfort in numbers. I figured since misery loves company, maybe I could ease the pains of my stupidity by seeking out others who, like me, have been deemed mentally inferior. Substandard, intellectually, to those who know better than I, how to manage my own life. So where to find fellow idiots?

The first bunch of lovable unlearned to come to mind are from John Kerry's own back yard. The Boston Red Sox reveled in their team being a "bunch of idiots". Being too dim to know what you can not do, brings the impossible to within an armslength of mankind.

Next I was bolstered by the fact that my smartslessness was not a rare disorder. Knowing that 59 1/2 million other Americans were as slow as me, gave me warmth to make it through the cold night of knowledgeless despair. The enlightened elites, dismayed by our number, must shudder to know that Bush won more counties than in 2000. "Egad, the dumbness is spreading across the land. How did they ever get so stupid?" Just a glance at the Bush Country map gives great encouragement to all of us dimwits; and must certainly frighten the tailored pants off our betters.

Then I remembered that the Australians just recently delivered a landslide victory to their incumbent, John Howard. A man who has stood by George W. Bush, and our American soldiers, throughout the war on terror, especially in Iraq. Howard, too, was besieged by a leftist media and socialists of all stripes. Howard prevailed in a record setting victory. Sound familiar?
Doesn't it feel better knowing that a majority of Australians are just as stupid as you and me?

Today I read about the Student Movement Coordination committee for Democracy in Iran or SMCCDI. These college students need help with their naming rights, but they seem to have all the elemental tools of idiocy. They seek a free country, where men and women can elect representatives to manage their government without the fanatical, terrorist sponsoring, nuclear weapons building mullahs imposing radical, iron fisted holy law on all things Iranian. These students risk imprisonment, and worse, for openly voicing their hopes and dreams of a free society. Read their Declaration of Human Rights. "Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of every individual is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, Whereas these rights are universal and apply to all people, regardless of religion, ideology, ethnicity, race or gender," sounds like the early stages of good ole 'merican stupidity, don't it?

Now that the leftist elites have informed us of our ignorance, we will have to gain solace from our international brotherhood of the uninformed. All of us stupid people will continue to make the world safe for those who want only to talk about how smart they are and impose upon us what they just know is best for us. Their single wish, that we would stop moving the world long enough to listen to them, goes ungranted. Alas, it seems, we just will never learn.

Report on Iranian students atNewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story
Make sure to visit the SMCCDI homepage. It occasionally has to move urls because the mullahs catch up to them, but the kids always manage to get their site back up. So if the link is bad, go to google and search for SMCCDI. The student report that was quoted in the Newsmax piece is here.

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