16 March, 2005

Iranians Protest Nationwide For Freedom

Posted here, one week ago, you read about how the Iranians were going to stand up to the mad mullahs by holding rallies to celebrate their Persian Fire Fest. You read how there would be clashes between the citizens of Iran and the theocratic thugs who fear losing their iron grip on the Jewel of Persia.
Check out:
Traditional "Pagan" Celebration Turns Into Street Fights Against Regime Forces

Also, the son of the intellectual leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, calls for the separation of church and state. Conservative cleric, Ali Mottahari, a Tehran University philosophy teacher joined more liberal clerics in urging the mullahs to remove religion from government. See:

Iran's clerical leaders have come under attack from one of the country's most influential conservative academics.

Also, here is a great primer on the current Iranian governemnt. Who answers to who and where the power really is.
From the BBC Iran Who Holds The Power

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