23 March, 2005

President Bush will, through Condi Rice, remove the terrorist tag from the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI). There hasn't been anything at New American Centuryyet, but perusing the world news (the real stuff) leads me to predict that the PMOI will no longer be classified as a terrorist organization.

Recent history tells us the State Department will be his biggest obstable in righting a wrongheaded Clinton approach to one of Iran's leading opposition groups. But with Condi in charge, this might be W's first serious play against the mullahs in Tehran.

Although it is officially denied at most levels, the PMOI's classification is largely an attempt to placate the Iranian clerics and one of many carrots being used to get them to stop building a nuke. Common sense tells us this wont work. President Bush put Iran in the Axis of Evil and the PMOI is opposed to the fundmentalist clerics ruling Iran. So on one hand we have the Mullahs in Tehran who are the chief sponsors of worldwide terrorism and were named by our President as the lead guitar players for the Axis of Evil. And on the other hand we have a group that has led opposition to the cleircal theocracy, and at times used violence as its voice. But they are terrorizing the terrorists, so I say, all together now..."Let them play! Let them play! (with all respect to the Bad News Bears).

Background on the PMOI
Brief History of the PMOI

They legally challenged their classification back in 1999, two years after Madeline Albright tagged them as terrorists, but to no avail. America first put forth our best mouthpiece in Bill Clinton to try diplomacy as a means to solve the global terrorist problem. That didn't work too well for us. George W. Bush took things to the next level.

This should play out the same way. Let Europe talk till they are blue in the face, when the regime in Iran refuses to bend to world pressure, step one will be to release the hounds. That is to say, removing the "terrorist" tag from groups like the PMOI. It is more than a symbolic measure. Not being classified as a terrorist doesn't just get you a better table in the fancy restaurants, it means you can legally raise money in Europe and America. Ka ching.

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DoctorZin said...

If the U.S. wants to lose the respect and trust of the Iranian people, they should remove the terrorist designation from the MEK.

The Iranian people consider the MEK to be both traitors and terrorists.

The greatest fear of the Iranians is that the U.S. will make deals with their enemies as they seek real democracy in Iran.

Removing the designation at this time would be a huge mistake.

The MEK have a huge PR campaign to change their terrorist designation.

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