25 March, 2005

More on Iraq's Ass Kicking Shopkeepers

Posted this story within an hour of it's release by the Guardian back on the 22nd. This report backs it up and gives us some details of the events.
See: Fed Up Iraqis.from the SF Chronicle.

The people of Iraq have shown their bravery many times. Most notable back in January when they risked it all to go out and vote. Then they directed security forces to a large cadre of terrorists the other day resulting in the killing of 80 or so insurgents.
See85 militants killed at Iraqi 'training camp'
Also, that day, Anerican forces were ambushed which turned into the killing of 26 additional terrorists.

So adding things up, all within a day or two, Michael Moore's "minutemen" suffered the loss of over 100 of their own. They lost to the combined force of the Iraqi people and their police in the first instance. They tried a sneak attack against the Americans but that resulted in the deaths of 26 of the "ambushers". And finally they suffered 3 deaths and a humilliating defeat at the hands of a shopkeeper.

But the big fat stupid white guy said these insurgents were the patriots, the new minutemen, and that they would win. I guess Moore's next book will be about the stupid brown shopkeepers of Iraq who are so high on "democracy" cocktails that they are shooting the wrong guys. Rave on Michael.

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