08 April, 2005

26 Years is Enough

1500 Political Protests in Iran the past year. How many did you see or hear about through the main stream press? Probably zero, maybe one or two? The people of Iran are rising up to force the mullahs out of power. The oppressed people of Iran will use the power of their sheer numbers, taking to the streets demanding the immediate removal of the tyrants. The Islamic Republic of Iran will become the Free Republic of Iran, with a legitimately elected representative government.

Imagine if George W. Bush had simply declared that John Kerry could not run for President of the United States. "Kerry's dangerous ideas are a risk to national identity and security", Bush said as he signed the edict to remove all seditious candidates from the ballot. What if, rather than raking in 50 million dollars for his muckumentary, Michael Moore was forcibly removed from the Red Lobster buffet line and carried off by secret police; his body to turn up later, beaten and bruised. The Left's brave crusader having died in custody. The official report stating that he fell and hit his head, while alone in his cell. Dan Rather? He wasn't just let out to pasture, he was publicy executed. His body hung in front of the Lincoln Memorial for three days to break the spirit of any resistance to the Bush clan. What if only 15% of the people voted for President because everyone else stayed home in protest of Bush's election edicts?

You wouldn't have to imagine any of these if you lived in Iran. You would see these kinds of things everyday. After 26 years would you have enough. Enough of the government forcing your wife to be less than a person. Enough of the government telling you that your neighbor, who happens to peacefully practice a different religion, is an enemy of the state. Enough of the government stoning your daughters because they removed their head scarves or went outside without a man's written permission. After 26 years, would you have enough?

There were over 1500 political protests in Iran the past year. How many did you see? We can not abandon the people of Iran. We must stand beside them, support them in any way they ask. They don't want our guns or our marines. They just want our governments to stop dealing with the mullahs who run their country. To publicy declare that the fundamentalist clerics in Tehran are not the legitimate government of the people of Iran. By this June, when the streets of every city in Iran are packed with protesters, the mullahs fate will be sealed. Where will you be?

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