06 April, 2005

Line in the Sand

An Iranian opposition group calling itself The 70 Million People of Iran have given the mullahs until June 16th to get out of town. Calling on the world to unite with them on June 10th and renounce the Islamic extremists that rule Iran.
If the sadistic clerics don't step down the group states:

"Should they be so unwise not to leave peacefully on June 16th, we are prepared to remove this dictatorship and bring to an end the 26 years of their shameful reign. We will strike on the 18th of June, from every corner of our land, in every city, at every outpost of the Islamic Republic, and will bring those who have wronged us to justice."

Once they have vanquished the evil in their land, they wish to form a true representative government and "join the international community in friendship and harmony. We shall never forget those nations which persevered with us in this struggle."

The letter is addressed to numerous world leaders, including; George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Jaques Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder and several others. The full text of the letter is at:
Iran Daily Briefing.

This plea to the world comes on the heels of another letter from Iran's oppressed citizens. Back in March, the Iranian Opposition Coalition Council* (IOCC)drafted a letter to the United Nations demanding that the world body expel the Islamic Republic of Iran from membership in the UN, until a true repesentative government can come to power in their country. That letter is here

Also make sure to check out:
Iran of Tomorrow Movement

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beakerkin said...

I am not optomistic in the short term with Iran. Remember this is a regime that used preteens as mine sweepers. I hope to be wrong but the Iranian Freedom movement lacks a Havel type to rally around