01 May, 2005

Mullahs Signal No Quarter

Today the Iranian clerics announced that international election observers would not be welcome or allowed during the upcoming June elections. In so doing, they have thrown out any hope of having a legitimate poll and have assured their continued isolation from the world and their own people. While this move is not suprising, it should sound alarms throughout the global community. This will also raise awareness to what the Iranian people are up against.

Until we complete our series on dismantling an atomic mullah we'll have to wait to see how this show of force impacts the Islamic hard liner's hold on power.

Two quick responses to questions posed to Kajando recently:

When will the Iranian revolutionaries overcome the theocrats?
The very minute the first executioner says "No". In other words, once the will of the people becomes undeniable and the army refuses to kill innocent Iranians, the mullahs will be done.

What role will the internet play in a revolution by the Iranian people?
Where satellite TV brought down the Soviets, the internet has the capacity to bring down the mullahs, assuming the people of Iran really do want to get rid of them. The caveat here, is that timing is crucial. The US and the Europeans have basically said they'd wait until late summer to decide how to procede with Iran. That means they are giving the people of Iran one more chance to unseat the mullahs with a popular uprising. Failing that, Bush, with no re-election worries will be free to say the Europeans tried diplomacy, it didn't work, so "Bring it on". The internet is the planet's best hope to avoid a military confrontation in Iran. Everyone who cares about a free Iran should keep up their vigilant blogging, hound your congresspersons, talk to your neighbors about Iran, and support the Iranian people by showing our politicians that we don't recognize the mullahs as the true leaders of Iran and neither should they. Blogs, email, internet news sites; all free flowing information. A tyrant's worst nightmare.


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