11 May, 2005

Iran Round Up

Could the mullahs actually bring Europe, and America back together?

France Presses Iran Over Nuclear Enrichment

IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, fears the Islamic regime in Tehran will inevitably restart its nuclear processing.

They've even pissed off the Dutch

The press will not cover for the mullahs becasue the clerics have imprisoned, tortured and killed scores of journalists and human rights activists.

14 Years for Blogging in Iran

(New York, February 24, 2005)--The Iranian government sentenced the prominent blogger Arash Cigarchi to 14 years in prison for expressing his opinions on the Internet and in the international press, marking a new low for freedom of expression in Iran, Human Rights Watch said today.

Read some Blogs by brave Iranians

More on the mullahs and the press:

Human Rights Watch on Iran and Internet Journalists

Journalists receive death threats after testifying.

Iranian Nobel Winnner Threatened with Arrest
That was back in January. Here is Shirin Ebadi's speech at Cornell University on May 4th.

The Europeans seem to be sticking to their guns over Iran's nuclear activity. They continue to insist that the mullahs must refrain from any restart of their nuclearization. This is a very good sign.


beakerkin said...

Some of those blogs are interesting
and about what I expected.I was hoping to find an Assyrian or Bha'i
blog in there but no luck.

I do not know what to make of the Bha'i. They are peaceful and do not
deserve to be persecuted. Yet their religion seems to be a PC .
They are the most persecuted people in Iran.

Jason_Pappas said...

Excellent links to virtually every facet of the Iranian situation.

It sounds like the mullahs are getting desperate in the face of rising opposition at home and abroad. I do hope that the Iranians can get it together to ditch these 7th century theocrats. This would be a win not only for them and us, but it will send a message across the Islamic world that Islamism was tried and it failed. Sure, some Sunni jihadists will try to spin it as a Shiite failure but it will certainly be a fatal blow and a major step in the right direction.

It also sounds like Europe is waking up.

kajando said...

Let's hope the Europeans actaully stand up to the clerics. I still can't figure why the mullahs hate us. We only took down their two neighboring enemies. I mean, what else do these guys want? They supposedly hated the Taliban, and obviously were none too fond of
Saddam. So we're 2-0 in knocking out their external threats shouldn't they owe us one by now?

Jason_Pappas said...

What can I say? There was this old Islamic sage that said: you can please some of the Ummah all of the time, all of the Ummah some of the time, but you can’t please all of the Ummah all of the time. ;)