30 May, 2005

Iranian Journalists Protest

Iran Focus

Tehran, May 30 – Journalists demonstrated outside Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) in Tehran yesterday, protesting against threats and insults to fellow reporters by members of the clerical regime’s Majlis.

“Freedom of thought is not possible with this Majlis” and “Political prisoners must be freed” were among the slogans that the protestors chanted.

State security Forces in charge of guarding the Majlis surrounded the protesters who had turned their backs to the Majlis as they were chanting, as a sign that they were calling to the people rather than the regime.

Soon after photographers were banned from taking photos and Revolutionary Guards were brought in to disperse the crowd.

The demonstration ended at 12 noon with the journalists issuing a statement with a list of demands.

According to the international press freedoms watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, there are 12 journalists and cyber-dissidents in jail in Iran at present.

The group calls Iran “the biggest prison for journalists in the Middle East”.


beakerkin said...

I am surprised the number is that low . However killing the Canadian Journalist does put things into another light.

kajando said...

yes, I was surprised that the number was pretty low. But that is only the journalists and cyberspace troublemakers. That does not include citizens who were arrested for protesting, the students or other marchers who take part in the daily uprisings.

also, the 12 are just the ones that "reporters without borders" know about. I'm sure some have just disappeared. That's how it goes in a tyranny. One day your neighbor is there, the next day he's gone. Plus even if the mullahs didn't arrest any journalists, they have shut down dozens of newspapers and internet sites that question their authoritie