01 June, 2005

Mullah kills student in cold blood

A high ranking member of the mullahs has incited popular unrest by shooting a 20 year old student in cold blood. The act itself, and the impunity of the killer have caused uprisings in serveral areas.

Maybe what the resistance needs is not a figure to rally around, maybe what the Iranians need is a figure to rally against. Marching in the streets and chanting against "the mullahs" or "the regime" may not focus opinoin and action as acutely as putting a face to the murderous thugocracy.

So here's the name:
Hojjatol-Islam Asgar Najafi
He's the the Secret Security Forces Deputy Commandant for Islamic Indoctrination and political and social affairs. I guess he's as evil as his title is long.


beakerkin said...

I wish they would say exactly what the student did. Drug abuse is not lewd behavior ? No excuses for barbaric treatment by the mullahs.

kajando said...

I thought I read that the mullah had asked the student to go with him to the police station, the student refused, so he was shot point blank in front of 200 witnesses.

beakerkin said...

The article was unclear why the student was asked to go. The definition of what is lewd conduct in Iran might be interesting.

kajando said...

it sure would be intersting to find out the definition of lewd behavior in Iran. I think it is defined as whatever the mullahs say is lewd. They know it when they see it.