26 May, 2005

No Time for Writing: The World Must Wait

Found two abandoned puppies that have been taking all of my time the last few days. One seems ok, the other one, the runt is touch and go. Friggin scumbags leaving poor defenseless animals to die make me so mad I could spit.

I'll post some pictures when I can.


Warren said...

Na nana na na, Kajandos a softie!

I've got one from the humane society, one stray (half coyote) and one pure bred (cull).




kajando said...

we got our Lucy (boxer, pointer mix) from the humane society too. We can't keep these puppies, but we're trying to care for them the best we can. We are taking them to the vet tomorrow. Doing my best to make sure they outlive Zarqawi

kajando said...

all 3 are, clearly, hams