17 July, 2005

He makes it so easy

Ted Kennedy to Probe Gitmo Lingerie Torture

A day after the Senate Armed Services Committee heard testimony that detainees at Guantanamo Bay were being tortured with women's underwear, Committee member Ted Kennedy announced he would make his first-ever visit to the facility.

Amid all the troubles of our world and its current war between civilization and tyranny, it is heart-warming and uplifting to realize that a Kennedy is always a Kennedy.

Sen. Kennedy has used stern words to describe America's actions at Gitmo. On June 15th of this year, he said:

Detainees have been held for year after year under the worst possible conditions, and we’ve failed to provide any way to determine whether they’re guilty of anything. The endless detention without safeguards is an additional shameful abuse that has to be corrected.

We are left to assume that "the worst possilbe conditions" include the freedom to practice one's religion, religous appropriate food, and better healthcare than the guards at Guantanamo receive. We are further told by Sen. Ted that these poor people are being held indefinitely with no means of determining whether they are guilty of anything. Well, they weren't just plucked out of your local Walmart. These guys were fighting against us in Afghanistan and other places around the globe.

Anyway, it is wonderful that Sen. Kennedy will be going to Guantanamo to see things for himself. Wonderful that he will actually know what the hell he's talking about when he gets back and not just spouting anti-Bushisms at will. His short visit will not change his mind, of course; nor will his vacation at Club Gitmo end his ceaseless carping against all things Bush. That's fine. We would expect nothing less from the Senior Senator from the People's Republic of Massachussetts. The funniest thing in this whole sordid affair is that it took revelations of bras and panties to get Kennedy fired up enough to actually go see things for himself. A Kennedy will always be... a Kennedy. At a time like this, Americans need things to count on, and the Kennedys will always be there for us.


Always On Watch said...

Ted Kennedy is fond of the words "shame" and "shameful." The man himeself has no shame, and his actions and words are shameful.

And of course he's going to Gitmo! Ted wouldn't miss a chance to see women in underwear.

beakerkin said...

Ted Kennedy is a joke and should have been replaced along time ago.
The senator from Chapaquidic should not discuss prisoners he should be one.

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