10 April, 2006

Monday Musings 4-10-06

Monday morning, April 10th, 2006. Seven espressos and a sunrise, not a bad way to start. Quick nudges from reality as your eyes open, and you wipe the fog away:

You owe, you owe...
One week to send in your taxes, pay for your share of Cheney's umbrella liability premiums and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. Don't forget, Senators collect their full pay whether they show up or not. They are not supposed to, but they have been breaking the rule for so long, they figure, why end a good thing. Senators are supposed to have their pay docked for the percentage of days they miss. But despite abysmal attendance, everyone in the Senate just takes their full paycheck and figures, well...well...well, I'm not sure how they rationalize it, but it boils down to "Screw you, Americans" . Think of that as you send in your hard earned money.

Religion, with any integrity, should run away from government as fast as it can. Government is corruption incarnate. Any wall between state and church should be enthusiastically erected by the church. A church should want nothing to do with the government, except to be left alone by that government. It is demeaning for a religion to be represented by the state. Indeed, for a religion to be enforced by the state, showcases only the weakness and emptiness of that religion. Does God really need a gun?

The Italian election results will be in soon. Before Katie Couric and Howard Dean can trumpet the loss of incumbant Bush ally, Silvio Berlusconi and the elevation of Romano Prodi. Don't forget that Bush's allies have a pretty good record in reelection bids. Berlusconi has been innundated with legal problems of his own making for quite some time now, and both candidates took the Iraq/Bush pot off the front burner when both promised to bring Italian soldiers home from Iraq. So, any victory of Prodi over Berlusconi should not be painted as a loss for Bush. Though it will be talked up and sold that way by the MSM. This is like the Australian elections, only bass-ackward. The Australians were going to vote out Howard for being in bed with Bush, but when he won in a landslide, the election turned out to be about the Australian economy, or so the MSM told us. Anyway, I'm not saying Prodi wont pull the troops out by the end of the week, but I am saying Berlusconi's loss will be painted as a big egg on Bush's face when in reality the loss, if it occurs, will have more to do with internal matters. The Australian election probably was more about the economy, and it probably was from the beginning, but the MSM can not help themselves when they get whipped up into Hate Bush mode.

What the world needs in NOT one big maternal government the likes of which fill the wet dreams of the UN . What the world really needs is 6 1/2 billion governments. Responsible, caring individuals smart enough to realize we all live in the same house.

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