27 April, 2007

You Better Watch Out For The Po-leese

IRAQ: A police force created by local tribal leaders in Ar Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar province, has been effective in providing greater security from al Qaeda, Sunni tribal leader Sheikh Abdul-Sattar abu Risha said in an interview with Reuters. Abu Risha, who organized the force, has established 15 police stations, which are under the jurisdiction of the provincial chief. The U.S. military said attacks in the region have decreased significantly.

SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudi Interior Ministry said about 170 militants with suspected links to al Qaeda have been arrested. The ministry also said some of the militants have been training as pilots to conduct suicide attacks against oil installations in the country. Police reportedly seized weapons, explosives and more than $5 million in cash from seven separate armed cells.


Maybe, the collective wisdom of all of us; has outmuscled our personal rhetoric in the battle for Iraqi Attention Span. Faced with a hard target for our exit, the Iraqis are forced to stand up or kneel down. The Saudi government escelates their crackdown on terroists within the Kingdom, because once our troops are gone, the royal family will be staring across the Iraqi desert at a dangerous and more threatening Iran.

Forcing Bush to bring the boys back home allows him to hire more $30,000 per month mercenarys to maintain prescence in the area. Congress can spend billions on their pet pork projects, why not afford Bush the same courtesy; and if a man wants to risk his life for $1,000 per day God bless him, and good luck. Seriously; in a country that loves offshoring, borrowing money, and passing the buck; what is more American than oursourcing the war? If it's good for GM, it's good for America.

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