30 July, 2007

When People Refuse to be Terrorized

Before you give up, or worse yet, allow your Congressperson to surrender. Read Amir Taheri's latest. Remember that as bad as our media love to portray Iraq, we are far from losing. Also remember that we are fighting terrorists around the world. And actually we might be winning. The Saudis have been semi-serious in fighting terrorists, mostly because the terrorists came back home and in a feisty mood. In Afghanistan the world is actually united in support of the new government. Iran, well, Iran is still Iran, but they have plenty of their own internal troubles right now. In Iraq more and more citizens are turning against the foreign terrorists--no matter what John Kerry says the foreign terrorists are not our soldiers, but Al Qeada who make no qualms about the importance Iraq holds for them.

The remnants of Al Qaeda make no secret of their belief that Iraq today represents the principal battlefield between their nihilistic vision and a world they wish to destroy.

Al Qaeda's ideology has already been defeated in many places- from Algeria and Egypt to Central Asia and The Philippines, and passing by the Gulf and the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. It is still thriving in some remote parts of Afghanistan but has little hope of scoring any significant victory.

Thus, it is only in Iraq that it hopes to stay alive and, if and when its adversaries lose heart, achieve the victory that has eluded it everywhere else.

What if Al Qaeda is starting to lose in Iraq as well?

In our own dumb luck, American way, we may have struck upon a new and better way. With the stead fast support of the second President Bush and the resources of America, the Iraqi people have begun "standing up" in new and important ways. This comes only after we handed control of our Legislature to the Democrats who ran on the "Iraq Sux, Bush Sux, vote for us we'll get us out of Iraq" platform. Now maybe the actual fear of our leaving them hanging out to dry again drove some of the Iraqis to begin turning in the terrorists. Maybe it's just a coincidence. But the combination of the surge and the new surge in Iraqi pride has the foreign terrorists in Iraq on their heels. Now so long as our idiot Congress does not surrender, we might just all make it out of here alive.

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