31 October, 2004

Time for the Left to Look in the Mirror

Jim Geraghty, of Kerry Spot, writes that Osama bin Laden’s rants match many left-wing talking points and that ought to cause our liberal friends some serious pause. Time for a long look in the mirror.

"The far left hates George W. Bush with a raging fury. So does al-Qaeda. Was it really so shocking that the rhetoric of the former would eventually be taken up by the latter?

No, this tape should cause many on the left to stare into the mirror for a long time and ask, “What have I turned into? How did I become so reflexively partisan, so blinded by rage, so intemperate in my rhetoric that my own arguments are being echoed by a man who planned and enjoyed the mass murder of Americans?”

“How the hell did I reach the point where I agree with Osama bin Laden on Bush?”

Some great comparisons of statements by Osama and Kerry. Here and here.

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