31 October, 2004

Another Hatchet Job: 100,000 Killed?

100,000 Iraqi civilian casualties would equate to about 180 deaths per day since the onset of the Iraq war. Have you seen even one headline screaming "Hundreds of Civilians Die in Military Bombing Today"? I haven't. Let alone, everyday for the last year and a half. The Lancet report, now being waved by the liberal media like a white surrender flag, can, with statistical certainty, state only that the number of civilian deaths in Iraq lies somewhere between 8,000 and 200,000. So they simply take the middle number and scream "100,000 dead!".

Join the discussion over at Chicago Boyz. Commenting on
Shannon Love's breakdown of the report. The rushed "study" is so scientifically invalid that to call it a fraud is not beyond good judgement. Shannon Love has the details. Get the facts because all your lefty friends will be screaming "100,000 dead" from now until election day, and beyond once Bush wins. You know Katie Couric will be shilling this garbage report Monday morning on the Today show.

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