31 October, 2004

Why Democrats Should Vote for Bush

Why Democrats Should Vote for Bush

Tammy Bruce, progressive feminist, endorses President Bush and spells out her reasons for walking away from the party of entrenched liberals. She writes on

her vote for Bush...

"Because some things simply transcend party lines, when in front of that Early Voting touch screen, I stood there as an American first, and voted for George W. Bush. This nation, our lives, and the lives our children require nothing less>"

honoring our soldiers...

"We all know, and must reflect on, the fact that the joy we have in our lives today is due to the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of other Americans who died fighting for this country. Those soldiers did not die because they were promised 72 virgins in the afterlife, they fought not for themselves — they died in the most noble of American causes — so future generations — us — could live in freedom."

and the problems with the Democratic party...

"Bill Clinton showed us the decline of the Democratic Party into a gang spouting slogans to make women, gays and blacks feel Daddy was in the house, to our grave regret. What did we get? A sexual compulsive who put Monica Lewinsky on her knees instead of cutting bin Laden off at his."

Tammy Bruce is the author of The Death of Right and Wrong
and The New Thought Police. She hosts The Tammy Bruce Show, now nationally sydicated. Her flagship station is KABC in Los Angeles. Make sure to read her entire column, a ringing endorsement of our President.

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