02 November, 2004

Joel Mowbray Unmasks Kerry

Joel Mowbray today at Townhall:

When John Kerry was caught lying—by my investigative news article in last Monday'sWashington Times—for repeatedly claiming that he had met with the “entire Security Council” in October 2002, it fit a disturbing pattern: the Democratic candidate for president is a serial self-aggrandizer.


I wrote, a couple weeks back, that Kerry's mis-statements on sports, along with his placing the blame on others for his shortcomings could open a window to his psyche. Kerry fell on his snowboard and blamed the secret service guard. Kerry bounced the ball to home plate at Fenway while throwing out the first pitch at a Bosox game, then said he held up because the catcher (a national guardsman) was nervous. Today Joel Mowbray puts a fancy ribbon on it, but the story is the same. Kerry has, from the beginning of his recorded existence, been what Mowbray calls a "serial self-aggrandizer". I'm a simpler man. I just call him a bull shit artist.

My take on Kerry from October 19

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