03 November, 2004

What's Up in Ohio?

I posted this about 10 minutes ago, then took it down until I could find out more.
Ohio was reporting for Bush by about 5%, then Lake County reported. In Lake, a write in candidate was credited with 15,000 votes and Bush went from up 5 to down 2 with write in Green Party candidate Cobb suddenly a strong 3rd with 15,000 votes. I sent an email to the division of elections, and did some digging. I guess Lake County is Kucinich Kountry so I figured maybe there's something in the water up there.
So then I started a "Kucinich comes through" post, checked the Ohio results again, and poof, Bush is back up 6% and David Keith Cobb has 0.
I guess somebody pushed the wrong button at the division of elections and fixed their mistake.
Or did they...

They did it again. This time in Lucas County (Toledo) 5,000 votes for David Keith Cobb and zero votes for Kerry. Wonder how long before they figure it out this time?

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