27 March, 2005

Allow Terri Schiavo Holy Communion

Kajando has stayed away from the Terri Schiavo ordeal, on purpose. Seriously, I tried to find information on the case, the evidence, the testimony, etc. I could not get a straight answer from anybody or anywhere. Plenty of slanted news, subjective guessing and most notably, the consistent repetition of "facts" be they real or imagined.

The husband says 20 judges have sided with him. In reality, it was 19 (at the time). A simple matter or rounding up? However, even that number is an inflated magical trick. Michael Schiavo and his lawyers are not counting only the few judgese who actually "heard" his case; they are also counting all the judges on the supreme courts, who simply refused to hear the case.

The parents take a 4 hour video from Terri's room. Edit it down to abnout 20 seconds and then use that small clip to try and convince the world that their daughter is not in PVS. Terri's head followed a Mickey Mouse balloon for a few seconds out of 4 hours, what does that prove? What does any of the "testimony" in the press (prestimony?" prove?

Today is Easter, the highest of holy days for the Catholic Church, it seems agreed upon that Terri was Catholic. The parents asked Michael Schiavo for permission to have communion administered to their daughter. He refused. Why? Surely a small piece of a communion wafer and a sip of red liquid would not sufficiently nourish her physical body enough to keep her alive any longer. According to those siding with the husband, as she fades nearer and nearer to death, Terri is not suffering anyway. A tiny amount of "food" given for religious reasons certainly could not make any difference to Michael and his stated desire to see his wife's wishes carried out.

Holy communion. Would answer everyone's questions. If Terri could not physically accept a tiny piece of wafer and swallow a sip of "wine", then, maybe, everyone could agree that she was in PVS. If, however, she could swallow; then that might itself be enough to cause a rethink by the officials in charge the whole affair.
Even if the courts did not change their opinions, Holy communion would serve only to benefit Terri, to the detriment of no one. Her soul has been trapped in a nearly lifeless body for 15 years. Holy communion, the celebration and remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus made for all, bridging the gap between physical and spiritual may just be the perfect exit strategy.

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