23 March, 2005

Iraqi Civilians Open Fire on Insurgents

Gun battles erupted out in the streets of the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Doura, where militants wearing black hoods and riding in three cars opened fire on people shopping on a main street. Shopkeepers and residents returned fire, killing three assailants. A man, woman and child were injured and taken to a hospital.

In a certain sign that the Iraqi people are fed up with the foreign fighters in their homeland; common folks opened a can of whoopass on an unfortunate gang of terrorists. "Holy crap Abdul, they're shootin' back at us!" Nice. Something tells me the Iraqi people are going to be just fine.

This may sound crazy today, but the darkest days for the terrorists might just turn out to be when we turn over security to the Iraqis, and they can have a little payback. There have already been reports that Iraqi TV was showing captured terrorists crying and pleading for their lives while apologizing for their behavior. They were the same mucks that had appeared in an earlier video, of their own taping, holding civilian hostages and performing beheadings. This turn around in their mindset took only a few hours under Iraqi interrogation. Think about it. An Iraqi policeman isn't going to have to worry about the American press watchng over his shoulder. He's going to be alone in a room with the man who blew up his niece, and no anti war chants, or NY Times editorializing, will stop him.

Story from the Guardian

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