19 March, 2005


Ever wonder why Hillary Clinton knew so much about the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"?
You can be master of the future if you remember the past. Those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat those same mistakes.

Hillary told us of the vast right wing conspiracy upon her and Bill's election to the White House. Then, she just left it alone. Think about it. These two "politicians" screwed over the White House travel department employees just so Billary could put their own cronies in cushy public jobs. Why didn't the dynamic duo go after the VRWC? Maybe because, since their days in Arkansas (see Mena airport), Bill and Hillary Clinton were "engaged" to the Bush family and the VRWC through their ties to the drugs, money and guns moving through Mena AR during the Iran-Contra days.

I know, I know. The next thing, I'll be writing about are the lizards taking over, but when you see things like this story. You just have to wonder, and it gets a body to thinking. Have you asked yourself why
the Republicans who were so out to get the Clintons for taking campaign money from the Chinese, for illegal savings and loan deals, for Hillary's mysterious cattle future "earnings", and many other scandals; all of a sudden, it's just all about sex and Bill and Monica and "Presidue"?

Check out the cover job Bush is doing for Clinton and the criminal pardons Bill doled out right before his time in the White House came to a close.
See: White House Heavily Redacts Clinton Papers

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