19 April, 2005

How to Dismantle an Atomic Mullah

Kajando's series on dismantling the Iranian mullahs begins:
What We Don't Have to Worry About

First: We will not have to solve the Palestinian / Israeli problem:
The mullahs will never recognize "the Zionist regime".
OK, that's a big pot we can put on the back burner.

Second: Al-Jazeera.
Mullahs "temporarily" close Al-Jazeera in Tehran
Journalists are like kids, if you tell them they can't do something, it's the first thing they go out and do. No member of the press takes kindly to their own station or newspaper being closed. For the hard core on either side, it's ok as long it's the other guys newspaper, but when they come for your station or magazine, that's an entirely different lizard.

Third: The EU
Europe "rock-solid" that Iran cease enrichment
Certainly, the "cheese eating, surrender monkeys" and John Kerry may really believe that the mullahs want nuclear technology simply to provide energy for a growing population. Of course, nuclear energy is, by far, the most expensive and dangerous method for creating electricity AND Iran is sitting on the worlds second or third largest reserves of crude oil, which is cheap, reliable and safe. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what the mullahs want from the nuclear cookie jar.

Also, the Iranian clerics are thumbing their noses at the Europeans:
EU incentives not enough

Fourth: The Iraqis. Who are wary of Iranian meddling in their affairs.
2.8 Million Iraqis warn of Iranian dominance

Fifth: Believe it or not, the UN. They are being stalled by the mullahs in the investigation of nuclear smuggling.
Iran stalls nuke smuggling probe

Sixth: A new government for Iran. The Iranian resistance is well organized inside and outside of the country. They have plans to implement reform in their political system through ratified constitutional changes. The mullahs already enraged the population by removing popular candidates from the ballot in the last elections, and if the Islamic fundamentalists strike the opportunity for the Iranian people to amend their own constitution; well, just suffice it to say the clerics will meet their 72 virgins a little sooner than they might like. For background on the resistance, see my links under Iran.

Finally, we won't have to worry about the Canadians.
Iranians reject Canada's call for investigation
In case you missed it, the Iranian thugs killed a Canadian journalist who was in custody for taking pictures.

With all these things going against the mullahocracy in Iran, the biggest impediment to democratic change might be Halliburton.

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beakerkin said...

The Iranian people need a symbol
to rally around. They need a Havel or Walensa before the counter revolution can go foward.

" I am the Lizard King. I can do anything"