18 April, 2005

Quick Prediction

Just to get time stamped and on the record, Kajando predicts the following:

Republicans should not go "nuclear" to fight the Democratic Party's filibuster of Bush's judicial nominations. Their approval ratings will go south very similar to what we saw when the legislative "right" tried to interfere in the Terri Schaivo case. The irony of it all, is that if the Republican Senators, just keep up the fight under the standard "rules of engagement" (even though the democrats have used a new weapon with the so called filibuster), they will reap the benefits of the honorable fight. Americans will deliver a filibuster proof majority to the Republicans in 2006. If the GOP does go nuclear and change procedural rules, then they will no longer need, nor will they be awarded, a filibuster proof majority. They will find themselves very close to a 50/50 split in the Senate following the 2006 elections. The blocking of Bush nominations has hurt the Democrats much worse than anyone seems to understand, or be willing to admit. The Left will allow any means to advance or protect its agenda. Should the Right join them in their hypocrisy, it will be the GOP Senators who pay a price. Note: Hypocrisy in their politicians is fine with liberals. The Republicans, however, do not enjoy the same luxury.

1 comment:

beakerkin said...

What is the breakdown of Senate seats up for 2006 ? Senator Clinton will not loose NY State no matter what that book says. She has a cult following of women over 50 who have never been married.

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