28 May, 2005

Funny Commercial

I just saw a commercial for CNN. They were touting their 25th birthday. They said (paraphrasing) "We were there before you knew you needed a 24 hour news channel, now you can't imagine a world without us".

Well, that might have been true 5 years ago, but the truth is, most of us could imagine a world without CNN. Actually, most of us live our lives without CNN already, just check CNN's ratings. 5 years ago, Fox was a baby, bloggers were almost unheard of, and most people still trusted the MSM.

CNN was important once, but now they just serve the rest of us by giving jobs to the unemployable, so I guess that's something. Oh, yeah, they also serve as a good bargaining chip for FoxNews employees too.

1 comment:

Glen Dean said...

Thank God we now have a choice. I haven't watched CNN in about 5 years myself.