27 May, 2005

Just an old softie

We found these abandoned puppies a couple days ago. They were both in pretty bad shape but today it looks like they will make it. They are about 10 weeks old, and I'm guessing pitbull and maybe shepherd?

Anyway, the Iranian elections are in 3 weeks, the fanatical clerics are desperately trying to get a nuke so they can be like North Korea and oppress their people with impunity. Newsweek really hates America, but loves money. Also, Syria is in trouble, but not quite as much as the EU. Go French Nationalism! Iraq is a quagmire, for the insurgents; and by the time Bush completes his second term, almost all the world "leaders" who opposed him will have lost their day job.

more Pupdates as time allows.

big sisters favorite toy

little guy ready to play

little brother sleeping

big sister asleep


Warren said...

I hope you find them good homes.

Mixed breed dogs make the best pets and I believe a pitbull, shepard mix could make a great pet for the right person.

I wouldn't tell people they were part pitbull though. I would say Staffordshire Terrier. It makes them seem less ominous.

And that comment you made about my dogs being hams, so what's your point?

We prefer to think of them as 'petted fools'.

kajando said...

we are working on finding them a good home. We are trying to keep them together, we figured that considering all they've been through, they should get to grow up together. Not sure if we can find one person to take both of them, but we're going to give it our best shot.

btw/ I think dogs have a "ham gene", which is why they are always ready to pose for the camera; and also why the islamic scumbags would hate a dog so much as to use him as a suicide bomber ( I hope there's a special place in Hell for dirtballs who victimize innocent people and animals)

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