22 May, 2005

Kazemi Update

OTTAWA - A doctor who treated Montreal photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in the intensive care unit of a Tehran hospital has reportedly been arrested by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The doctor's life may be in jeopardy because he can testify about the severity of the head wounds and other injuries the photojournalist suffered while she was in the custody of Iranian authorities, Stephan Hachemi, Ms. Kazemi's son, said yesterday.

Zahra Kazemi was arrested in Iran for taking pictures. She died in custody from head trauma and one of the doctors who examined her, Shahram Azam, who has since fled Iran, stated to Canadian authorities that Kazemi appeared to have been tortured and raped.

Now the Iranian regime has imprisoned a doctor who could shed light on the matter. Clearly, the mullahs saw this doctor as a threat. What is sadder; that a woman was brutalized and murderd for taking pictures, that hardly anyone knows or cares, or that it's been two years since she was killed and the whole story is still being denied and covered up by the clerics in Tehran?

Why do leftists scream that the American military is "targeting journalists" when our GIs accidentally fire at one, but entirely ignore the Islamofascists who actually do jail, torture and kill journalists, and other innocent civilians? We're supposed to care about the Koran in the krapper story and just tell Ms. Kazemi's family, what, "tough shit"? How can anyone even bother listening to the left anymore?

Michael Isikoff should have periscoped the false imprisonment, brutalization, rape and murder of Zahra Kazemi. Seventeen days this woman suffered in Iranian prison before her body succumbed to the torturers. Then she paid with her life for a few megapixels of truth.


Jack said...

You're probably right about the doctor being eliminated as a witness. This says a lot about a religion that calls it's faithful to prayer 5 times a day, is intolerant of any other beliefs and enforces their religion through the use of religious police who beat, incarcerate and torture their own over supposed religious infractions. Anyone interfering with their authority or exposing them to the outside world is sure to be murdered.

beakerkin said...

Axiom 4 There is an official heirarcy of groups on the left.
Muslims are at at the top and they
can abuse anyone with impunity due to the cult of low expectations.

Only Muslim goverments and some government groups can persecute gays. Thus the fact that a NY Rabinical School will not allow Gay Cantors is more important then
countries that kill gays like Iran
or the PA.