22 May, 2005

Then There Were Six

99.6% of candidates found unsuitable by Iranian clerics.
1,014 citizens of Iran tried to run for President. The Guardian Council, which must approve any candidate, made it's list, checked it twice, then announced that six men would be allowed to run. Five with very close ties, and one with relatively close ties to the ruling clerics. No serious refromer in the small, sad lot. I don't know what the people of Iran are going to do June 17th, but it better be something substantial. Boycotting the election is pointless, they tried that last time and the ultra conservative mullahs took an even tighter grip on power. Even if less than 20% of the people vote, it will not matter to the mullahs. Only when the people of Iran stand together and demand the clerics step down, will the tyrants in Tehran be forced from power.

Imagine if Bush has simply said, "Hey, Dick Cheney says this Kerry guy is a bad seed. John Kerry will not be allowed to run for President. Hillary Clinton? Heck no, she's a woman and thus not allowed to be President." Then Bush sent secret police into the NY Times to close the paper and arrest any pesky journalists who dared speak against his administration. Our choices in 2008? Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, or Dennis Kucinich. Then the left could cry Bush is Hitler.

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