04 May, 2005

Oh Canada

Wow, what a great idea!
Rather than trying to stop Mexicans from sneaking into our country. We should have bus stations along the border providing a free ride all the way to Canada, heck we could even just fly them up there.

So if you're an illegal alien living here in the US, or you're thinking of becoming an illegal alien; here are the Top 10 Reasons to choose Canada over the US:
10: Canada has a better free healthcare system
9. Marijuana is increasingly becoming decriminalized in Canada. In America you have to pretend to have cancer or glaucoma.
8. Canada has a widely acclaimed farm worker program
7. Canada has a lower crime rate.
6. The wide open spaces, the beauty that is Canada
5. The honest and pleasant and open Canadian people.
4. Canada abolished capital punishment in the 70s. Last execution in Canada: 1962
3. Huh, what....oh sorry I forgot all about #3 (thanks to #9)
2. Only 20% of Canadians own guns (vs 49% in America), & assault weapons are banned.
1. You don't have to be illegal anymore.


beakerkin said...

When you send them to Canada aim the illegals into Quebec. What happened to all the Libs that promised to emigrate.

Kafkaesq is a good guy but he doesn't see the problems around him.

Warren said...

So where do I send a contribution?

I'm really pissed at the Mexican that cooks steak at the Golden Corral. He keeps saying "no comprende" when I order medium well!

The last time my steak tasted suspiciously like a burro.

Anonymous said...

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