03 May, 2005

Free Testaclese

You Have To Love College Students
If you read one thing the rest of your life, read this.

College administrators have been enthusiastic supporters Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues and schools across the nation celebrate “V-Day” (short for Vagina Day) every year. But when the College Republicans at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island rained on the celebrations of V-Day by inaugurating Penis Day and staging a satire called The Penis Monologues, the official reaction was horror. Two participating students, Monique Stuart and Andy Mainiero, have just received sharp letters of reprimand and have been placed on probation by the Office of Judicial Affairs. The costume of the P-Day “mascot” — a friendly looking “penis” named Testaclese, has been confiscated and is under lock and key in the office of the assistant dean of student affairs, John King.

The week before V-Day, the Roger Williams campus was plastered with flyers emblazoned with slogans such as “My Vagina is Flirty” and “My Vagina is Huggable.” There was a widely publicized “orgasm workshop.” On the day of the play, the V-warriors sold lollipops in the in the shape of–-guess what? Last year, the student union was flooded with questionnaires asking unsuspecting students questions like “What does your Vagina smell like?” None of this offended the administration or elicited any reprimands, probations, or confiscations.
The campus conservatives artfully (in the college sense of "artful") mimicked the V-Day campaign. They papered the school with flyers that said, “My penis is majestic” and “My penis is hilarious.” The caption on one handout read, “My Penis is studious.” It showed Testaclese reclining on a couch reading Michael Barone’s

“Testaclese” tipped the scales when he approached the university Provost, Edward J. Kavanagh, outside the student union. Apparently taking him/it for a giant mushroom, Provost Kavanagh cheerfully greeted him. But when Testaclese presented him with an honorary award as a campus “Penis Warrior,” the stunned official realized that it was no mushroom. After this incident, which was recorded on videotape, the promoters of P-Day were ordered to cease circulating their flyers and to keep Testaclese off campus grounds. Mindful of how school officers had never once protested any of the antics of Vagina warriors, the P-warriors did not comply. The Testaclese costume was then confiscated and formal charges followed.

Full Story from the National Review

Testaclese's Home Page Make sure to check out the photo gallery and the flyers


Warren said...

So, what do you think is going on in the Provosts office?

I mean, there they are all alone, the shades come down, a little soft music, (maybe hard rock), who knows?

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.


kajando said...

I don't know, but I would watch out for presidue.
here's the link to Testaclese's homepage, yes he has one.
I'm too lazy to use html, but I'll put a link with the original post

Warren said...

Parody and satire are very efficient means of combating the sacred cows of the left.

A great deal of publicity can be generated when the moonbats over react as they are bound to do.

This has the potential of the campus affirmative action bake sales that have shown, so well, the hypocrisy of college administrators.

Hope they are able to keep the pressure up.

kajando said...

I'm sure testacles will keep it (the pressure of course) up

beakerkin said...


That was hysterical . I haven't read something so funny in weeks. The left just doesn't understand
satire .

I have a new post is the Left angry
and now we can add humorless

I am still laughing.

Jason_Pappas said...

It is funny. Let the lefties get angry while we use humor and ridicule. These are potent weapons. And fun, too! After reading this National Review article, it throws out the stereotype that says conservatives don’t enjoy ribald humor.

Jack said...

It's hilarious, in your face satire. Wonder if Provost, Edward J. Kavanagh is the head eunuch in that harem?