18 June, 2005

Iran Elections: Demonstrations, Clashes, Arrests

Tehran, Jun. 17 – For the second time in this evening and despite forceful government reaction crowds have gathered in squares across the Iranian capital Tehran, demonstrating against today’s presidential elections and setting on fire a vehicle belonging to Iran’s State Security Forces.

A large crowd is presently at Vali-e Asr Square while a growing crowd have gathered at Monirieh square and are denouncing today’s elections as a “farce”. Protests against the polls are also taking place in Tehran’s Fatemi Street, Mellat Park and Laleh Park. Security in the capital is tight at present. At least five people have so far been arrested this evening and many more were injured during clashes with the security forces. An SSF vehicle was also set alight by protesters.

Earlier this afternoon, two large demonstrations simultaneously erupted in Golha (Flowers) Square, southeast Tehran, and Vali-e Asr Square on the intersection of Palestine Street, lasting for some two hours, with protestors urging fellow Iranians to boycott the polls.Protestors chanted “long live freedom”, “the cry of every Iranian is freedom”, “we reject dictatorship”, “boycott the elections”, and “the regime will be overthrown”.

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