12 June, 2005

Iran is rumbling

Like a volcano, dormant for 26 years, the people of Iran are ready to erupt and demand their freedom. Iran is rumbling, are the mullahs shaking yet? Probably not, but if the people of Iran can keep this up, we might have ourselves a revolution.

On the heels of yesterday's multiple bombings in Iran, another explosion has rocked the mullahs, this time in the heart of downtown Tehran.

Also a protest that began with a gathering of dozens of women in downtown Tehran this afternoon, drew thousands of anti-government protesters and streamrolled into one of the largest demonstrations against Iran’s clerical rulers in recent months Cries of “Freedom, equality, down with dictatorship” could be heard at the scene, as protestors tore down campaign posters of all election contenders and urged passers-by to boycott the polls.Protesters were able to break through police ranks in Enghelab Street and move towards Enghelab Square and then Karegar Avenue. Thousands had joined the throngs of protesters as they made their way towards Keshavarz Boulevard, destroying all election posters and placards on their way.

UPDATEMore photos of this protest at Iran Focus


Sankoobaba said...

I m shocked
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Amber said...

And guess whose fault that is....thats right, Mr. Bush.