13 June, 2005

Mullahs respond to growing protest

Speaking of Sean Penn, well we were at the end of the last update, now the Iranian Regime has taken Sean Penn's video camera.OK, that should get his attention for sure. If Sean Penn gets on board, Hollywood and eventually the French would join him. Then, it's all over for the mullahs.

Updating the protest begun by Iranian women, SMCCDI is reporting that several civilians have clashed with the mullah's brutal plainclothes security forces. Also, foreign reporters, from the BBC and AFP, have been arrested and had their cameras and other equipment confiscated for filming the march. That won't bode well for the clerics. The question as we head into the week is, can the Iranian people keep this going through Friday. A massive, nationwide, boycott of the election, along with hundreds of thousands of citizens in the streets and oppressive treatment of the foreign press by the mullahs, might even get Sean Penn's attention.

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Jack said...

Sean Penn. Now there's a public beheading by the Islamo-fascists that I'd pay to watch.