15 June, 2005

Iran; more protests, more arrests

The mullahs continue arresting protesters outside of Evin prison. Several women were beaten by police forces and had to be taken to the hosptal. The citizens are demanding the release of political prisoners from the GULAG of Evin. Amnesty International should take a look at Evin prison to discover what a gulag really is.

Also, in the comparison, it is necessary to understand that in Gitmo, all the detainees were taken off the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq. The fighters were not wearing uniforms nor fighting for a specific national army, so they are, by rule, not entitled to protection under the Geneva convention. Although we seem to be treating them as though they were actual soldiers and not terrorists.

At Evin, the political prisoners were arrested from their homes, or off the street. Their crimes were speaking their minds and dreaming of a free future. For writing, blogging and speaking out against the current regime in Iran, these men and women were arrested, tortured and several have been executed. Earth to AI, Evin is a gulag. Gitmo is not even close.

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