16 June, 2005

The World Stands Up...a little...

...or at least looks up from her plate.

Baby steps, baby steps, but the Europeans are finally facing the truth in Iran.

Lead by the former first lady of France, an international human rights group has publicly stated that the mullahs are conspiring to make it impossible for victims of human rights abuses to get their stories out of Iran and in front of the UN and the rest of the world.

CNN should have checked with Danielle Mitterrand before they agreed to the softball game with Rafsanjani
Some senile, 70 year old religious hypocrite is going to stand in front of us and say that we need to abandon our "hostile attitude" towards Iran? You know Iran, the author of "Death to America" and "America the Great Satan"; major funder of countless world terrorists and terrorist groups. The Islamic regime in Tehran has been, since the forced retirement of the Soviet Union, the clean up hitter for the bad guys. But hey, it's our attitude that must change, not Rafsanjani or the rest of the mullahs.

Hey, Akhbar, just keep chanting "Death to America", eventually we'll understand that you don't really mean "death", "to" or "America"; but what you are hinting at through that tough facade, is, "please understand me!, please understand me!".

Ya, well, either that, or we'll just nuke Mecca and call it a day.

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