04 June, 2005

Political Prisoners in Iran Announce Hunger Strike

Iran Focus
Tehran, Jun. 04 – Political prisoners in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison announced yesterday in a joint statement that they were going to go on hunger strike to protest what they called the “sham undemocratic [June 17 presidential] elections” and the “lack of respect for human rights in Iran”.

The political prisoners said they were defending “the right to speak”, “the right to write freely”, “the right to belief”, and “freedom of all political prisoners without any questions”.

They said that their hunger strike will begin on June 10 and will continue for one month until July 9.The prisoners called for a general boycott of the elections and invited political prisoners from elsewhere throughout the country to join them in the strike.


beakerkin said...

This is almost out of Sharansky's
Fear no Evil. The only thing missing is Gulags. I am sure Iranian prisons are brutal .

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