14 July, 2005

A Funny Trip to the Post Office

While at the Post Office this afternoon, I heard a funny exchange between the customer next to me and the Postal worker taking care of her. She wanted to buy stamps, like 100 or so. I didn't really start paying attention until I heard "anything but flags". She was, of course, referring to our common 37 cent Flag stamp. The clerk offered a helpful, "Okay, let's see what else we have." After rummaging around behind the counter, the clerk was unable to find any stamps in that quantity beside the Flag stamps. The lady held firm. "Anything but that flag" she mumbled. The clerk finally found enough of another kind of stamp, and unknowingly said, "here, we have Ronald Reagan stamps!" I thought the lady was going to faint. All my strength went to muffle a good, hearty laugh. At first she said, "Oh okay." Then her indoctrination kicked in, and she thought better of herself and declined the gippers as well. She said she would just buy them out of the machine or go somewhere else. The clerk was still rather baffled, but I chuckled under my breath and headed home.


Warren said...

Hmmm, lets see, (did dig dig). Aha, here they are, will these commemorative Karl Marx stamps do?

Those are like... soooo gauche! Do they come in another color?

No Ms., they only come in red!

beakerkin said...

I would love tgo see the reaction
to a KFC stamp.

Liberals are a pain

kajando said...

thanks for dropping by guys, sorry I've been absent from the world while these puppies and work take their toll on my schedule.

the lady at the post office was too funny. She was talking on her cell phone while in the rather long line (which is fine, but...)when she was called she was totally oblivious. The clerk had to call her three times and by then several people in line behind her, helped the clerk get her attention with a loud "Miss, on the phone!" When she realized what she'd done, she hurried to the counter still on the phone while the clerk politely reminded her that she'd have to end her phone call. She protested because the woman the clerk had just helped was on her cell phone while talking to the clerk. He advised her that that woman was speaking with someone at another post office and her call was necessary at that particular moment to solve a mail problem. She harrumphed and obliged. Then stood her ground against jingoism, I suppose.

Warren said...

Bet she stomped her foot and looked petulant!

Beak, whats a Kentucky Fried Chicken stamp, look like?


Always On Watch said...

At my homey little Post Office, we'd have talked about her after she left.