03 July, 2005


It's been about a month since these two dropped in our lap. They were barely hanging on when they found their way to us. Flea infested, sick with worms, and near death four weeks ago, these two are lucky to be alive. We're lucky to have them in our lives, but we need to find them homes. They are both clean and healthy, and by next week they will have had all their shots. Also, as they have grown up, it has become clear that they would not have to go to the same home. They are both going to be great dogs.

Esther playing in the grass

Rudy being Rudy. Eating dirt. He's such a boy.

Esther cruising poolside

Rudy playing in the jungle

Here are some pictures of the pups from about 3 weeks ago.After they made it through ICU at kajando's puppy hospital.


Glen Dean said...

Great dog.

beakerkin said...

It is great to teak a break from the flying words at my blog thanks Kurt.

Jack said...

Nice job on those pups, they look great. Glad to have you back blogging.

Jason_Pappas said...

What wonderful dogs. We have cats ... perhaps I should but their pictures online.