07 March, 2006

Help us, help us ! What should we think?

Summits, meetings, breakfasts, lunches, symposiums, conferences, assemblies and conventions; the Democrats have tried themn all. Tried them all and still don't know what they think, or more properly, what they want to tell us they think. This is really amazing. A political party that can't decide what to stand for. I think the best summation of the Democrats came from Saturday Night Live. Seth Meyer, doing a great Kerry, takes Bush to task for trying to label him a flip flopper. Paraphrasing now, "I spoke for the Iraq war when I was in front of those who supported it; and I spoke against the war when I stood before those who opposed it. Sir that is not flip-flopping or indecisivness, that is pandering; and this country deserves a President who can tell the difference!"

What America deserves is an opposition party. Brutal honesty and open eyes would force anyone to admit that there isn't, really, a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They use wedge issues, emotional appeals, and insanely geremandered congressional district borders to divide us and make it seem like there is a wide gulf between the R and the D next to their names. The sad truth is that our system has grown encumbered by incumbancy. But that's for another day.

Today we're picking on the Democrats, who just can't figure out what to think, when to think it, and who to tell what they're thinking, assuming, of course, that they agree to think something.

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