10 March, 2006

Is It Just Me?

Bill Clinton, of all people, wants to tak about withdrawing from Iraq. The man who introduced "Presidue" to the nation's vernacular, should be the last person anyone asks about withdrawing anything.

If Iran is willing and able to infiltrate the Iraqi elections with hundreds of thousands of phony ballots; all of the world, including the Iranian people, must question the accuracy of the Iranian election back in June 2005. Or is it just me?

Speaking of elections, I thought it was shameful that the mullahs in Iran removed all their opponents from the ballot before the election. Then about six months later it dawned on me that the same thing happens here. Despite all their rhetoric, once in power, both the Democrats and Republicans end up doing the same thing; growing the size, scope, and intrusiveness of government. Once you realize that there isn't really a dime's worth of difference between the "two" parties, then you'll see how close we are to a religous state like Iran. The only difference between today's Iran and America, is that the mullahs forcefully coerce their people to pray to Allah, in America we are ever more covertly coaxed to pray to government.

I read somewhere that Democrats spend our money like druken sailors, which always seemed a bit of a slight to the fiscal responsibility of sailors, but the last six years should have taught us that Republicans spend our money like drunken Democrats.

There Goes the Surprise Birthday Party Idea
Lesson number 1, which attorney Harry Whittington learned in a very painful and dangerous way: You do not sneak up on Dick Cheney.

Quick Question:
Just as Bush is taking heat for his survelliance techniques, along comes bin laden to remind us that his people are still planning to kill our people--but hey, we should do lunch sometime and talk about a truce. All of a sudden, one is reminded of the bin laden video put out just before our election in November 2004. You remember, the one where the world's most wanted man said, "You better vote for Kerry or else!"? Is bin laden that careless, that clueless, or that connected?

But maybe that's just me.

One final note: All the media were up in arms about a company from a muslim country purchasing oversight of the operations of several American ports. While the left and many on the right, came together to hide their racisim behind a mask of security concerns; nobody in Washington asked the obvious question. Namely, if an enemy could sneak a nuclear device close to one of our ports, isn't that enough? What difference does it make who oversees "control" of the port itself. The nuke would never have to be off loaded and inspected, it could detonate anytime, once the ship was docked. Seriously, why would any self respecting terrorist even try to sneak a bomb out of New York City? What, are they going to do? Pass up nuking the Big Apple and incur added risk of detection, just so they can bring their nuclear nightmare toPigeon Forge and destroy Dollywood for all time? But maybe that's just me.

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