12 March, 2006

Iraq a Failure? Blame Ohio

We can argue for years whether liberating Iraq with our military was a noble cause or a greedy scheme foisted upon us by the petro-industrial complex. We can wish we had more troops, less troops, better equiped troops, or no troops at all in Iraq. What we can not do is un-invade Iraq.
The problem with Iraq is not American occupation forcers, former leaders of Iraq's Baath party, nor even foreign arab terrorists. The problem with Iraq is George W. Bush. Well, actually, the hatred that 90% of our press has for him. We asked for it. President John F. Kerry would now be presiding over the fastest, most effective, nation building in all of nation building history. Not that JF Kerry would be doing things much differently "over there", but more that the press would be trumpeting everything going right in Iraq. Rather than the recent bombing of the Shia's favorite church sending the country to near civil war. The same bombing, under a Kerry administration, would have provided a stage for the press to tout the effectiveness of Iraq's own security forces. Instead of "Iraq On the Edge" we would be reading headlines like "Iraqis Save Their Country" Every road side bomb would be more evidence that Iraq was winning the war against the real insurgents, added proof of their desparation.

Sure, there would be plenty of blame flying back at Bush; but could the Courics, Carters and Carvills resist touting Kerry as Iraq's savior? Absent the media encouraging Zarqawi's soldiers in Iraq, the terrorists would be bereft of their only current weapon of mass destruction. The terrorists in Iraq would be relegated to localized mayhem, and the press might even take note that Iraqi civilians were turning on the insurgents.

Alas, Ohio. Would that Kerry had won 60,000 more votes in "The Heart of it All". Iraq would today be portrayed, by our media, as a panacea of democracy. A brightening beacon to dreamers of freedom across the middle east. Iran would be rife with corrupt mullahs, ruled by an "elected" President whose only claim to fame was second prize in the Rick Fox look alike contest and there really would be a social security problem--but that is for another day.

Truth, like ugly, goes all the way through. The truth is that until we elect a President from the Democratic party, Iraq will continue to be portrayed by our media as a national quagmire, a country on the verge of civil war, a hopeless boondoggle sold to us by a pack of lies and the oily, lying liars who told them.


Jack said...

Good post Kurt. It's provacative. BTW it's been awhile, good to have you back kicking them in the shins.

kajando said...

thanks, it's good to be getting back.
condolences on your loss of Diesel