29 March, 2006

Maybe it's just me again

Maybe, once again, maybe it's just me but...

If the French fought the Nazis as hard as they fought for their right to NOT work, maybe we never would have had to join WWII.

But that's history.

Maybe, just maybe, if the young "workers" in France would just work as hard as they protest, they'd have record low unemployment. But maybe, that's just the point. A million spoiled little socialists will protest for a week, but the idea of actually working, well that's just silly.

Meanwhile over here,
We have half a million people marching in the streets to demand we let them stay in the country so they can work for peanuts.

Man, it's a crazy world.

Truthfully, it's the idea of competition that scares the pants off the socialists. That's why teachers, unions, and especially university professors will work so hard to make sure tenure determines pay scale. They are inherently frightened of competition. If they could channel their protest-ant nature into actual work, we would have those flying cars we were promised decades ago.
But maybe that's just me.

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Jack said...

It's not just you, but you're spot on about the protectionism. The RINO's seem bent on giving away our sovereignty and security as fervently as the Democrats. It's quite late in life for me to start a life of crime but I see it pays well for those without scruples. I can't wait until November to throw away another vote.