01 April, 2006

We Do Have a Plan

Hundreds of thousands protest in Los Angeles to demand; well, what was it they were demanding? Oh yes, the right to get a job and never be fired. No, wait, that was some other giant protest/riot. That's right, they were mad that someone drew their prophet in a cartoon. No, no. I'm wrong again, those were the Muslims rioting about the cartoons. The marchers in Los Angeles were demanding something else. But what was it?

Some marched as part of the Aztlan Movement. A drive by Mexicans to "retake" the American southwest. What if we just gave them southern California, Arizona and New Mexico? What then? How long before the Aztlan-ers started "migrating" to Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma or anywhere else across the new border? Clearly there is something in America that they want, not just the land. If it was just the land, they would have built their own little eden south or the Rio Grande already, and would now be trying to annex San Diego and Phoenix from the grip of the evil Bush empire; to the benefit of all mankind. But they don't have an eden, nor will Los Angeles be their garden--even if we just gave it to them.

What about the marchers who are here working, illegally, but doing their darndest to make a new life here and sending some of their earnings back to their families in Mexico. Demanding more "amnesty" or allowing even more illegal immigrants into our country would only depress their current wages and increase the supply of migrant workers, so those already "employed" would discover it was harder and harder to find work.

Enough about the marchers. What about the reasons they risk their lives to sneak into this country. They are escaping a corrupt, ineffective, unresponsive, and worthless government who has betrayed their nation. Well, at least on this front, our current leaders seem to have a plan. Congress is doing its damndest to make the American government, corrupt (see Abramoff, Jack), ineffective (think Department of Homeland Security), unresponsive (Hurricane Katrina), and worthless (Department of Education). Soon, the Mexicans flooding across our southern border wont have a reason to risk life and limb for a better life in America, our government will be as bad as theirs. So the next time someone says our government doesn't have a plan to deal with illegal immigration, tell them they are dead wrong. Our political elite do have a plan. Having taken a page from Nancy Reagan's book, they realize that in order to stop the illegals, we have to remove the demand that brings them here; hope for a better life. Once we "just say no" to responsible, effective government, the Mexicans will simply say "no mas" and stay home. Problem solved.

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